Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sara's Oddtales #1

Sara and the boy who cried....
    Once upon a time there lived an odd maiden who had golden hair and a twinkle in her nose from a cute little nasal piercing. Sara was dating a nice enough boy named Riley who ran an ice cream shop so he had monkey forearms and always smelled sweet.
    One day the pair found a darling little grey kitten by the side of the road and they quickly took him home. For a couple with no children the act of owning a pet together is the first big step and they felt ready to undertake this journey.
    Unfortunately before they could even name him his eye exploded and the rushed him to the Kitty ER to have his eye removed and the poor kitten treated with antibiotics. Of course they named him One-Eyed Jack and took him home to nurse him to health.
    They couple happily fought for the next couple months with many break-ups in between excellent sex. The sex though was not the only thing that kept the couple together. Every time Sara would tell Riley to leave and go back to his parents he would call her up crying at all times. He would leave voice-mails of him just crying. Had this happened during a time where texting existed I'm sure he would have figured out a way to text crying to her. Sara broke down time and time again taking him back only because she felt sorry for his pain and he was great in bed.
    One day after Sara dropped Mr. Monkey forearms off at his parent's house she had a genius idea! She called Riley's mother up and told her she was sick of her son crying all the time and that she was aware that the his mother hated her she had a plan to make everyone happy. Sara offered up One-Eyed Jack. Riley needed something else to love while he was crying so his mother agreed.
    Finally the calls and voice-mails stopped, battery sales went up at Sara's local drugstore, peace was restored to the city and it worked so well she went on to give two other future men kittens when they would not stop crying.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tooth Fairy Revealed...

   Today a fellow blogger has been dealing with one of her lil' turd makers first lost tooth and needless to say is a bit freaked out. It made me think back to my own short stuff's first tooth loss. What I remember was all the very distinct questions that arose from the introduction in her life of the magical Toothfairy. Oh sure she was very happy to receive her handful of change the next morning (mommy forgot to go to the bank for a dollar since with inflation that seems to be the going rate for a tooth.), but soon the questions followed that me and my future ex-husband tried our best to answer.
   "Why does the tooth fairy need all my yucky teeth?" little stuff inquired. I was quick to respond with "They are like money in Toothfairy Land!"
    Still suspiciously looking at the change from the bottom of my purse she followed up with "Then were do they get all their people money from?"
    My future ex thought about it for a second and replied"They poop it out. Money is nothing but poop in Toothfairy Land!"
   So tonight I leave you with the image of a cute fairy that sneaks into your children's bedrooms at night to collect the teeth to buy food so they can poop out money under your kid's pillows. For more tooth related post go visit my fav mommy blog

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