Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exercise might kill me!

I look at people who exercise regularly like other people look at heroin addicts. Most people don't want to get addicted to heroin and give up their time and money to feed a habit. The gleam in the eye of an addict who is jonesing for a fix can be scary. The way junkies go around trying to tell everyone it's not as bad as it looks... everything can be related to exercise. Half the time I want to work out I should not begin my day on facebook because I get exhausted just reading the posts from everyone else who managed to work out before I even woke up. Exercise cost money! There are special outfits to wear, supplies to buy and classes to sign up for! I could end up looking great but be broke. People get ridiculous about being fit and I fear soon I will be aching to work out instead of sitting around watching prime time tv.
Exercising can even have the side effect of eating well! What will happen to my poor child if I stop buying pounds of ice cream and cookies cause I want to be healthy... she will surely rebel when she grows up and feast on all manners of junk food after being deprived while young...
Honestly writing this post has exhausted me... I need to let my fingers rest now... For my own sake I will have to seriously consider if exercise will better my life till then I still have half a box of mint ice cream sandwiches in the freezer.....

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