Friday, January 24, 2014

Keep Beiber safe...even if you hate him...

Please keep Beiber safe....

I fear Justin Beiber dying. It is one of my greatest fears actually. Don't get me wrong I have wished for his death in the past but now things have spun out of control. Anyone not old enough to remember Elvis should go ask their grandparents how it really was. Now we remember him as a legend, but back in his infamy he was adored by young girls and rebels. Parents looked on in dismay while their children wanted to participate in this display of vulgarity and inappropriateness Sound familiar????? Many icons seem to gain legitimacy after death when we only remember the good or even idolize the bad as in the case with Kurt Cobain. His tragic death brought a lot of attention to drug problems faced by many but also caused a sub-culture of youth idolizing his ways. Which brings me to my point, if Justin Beiber dies he may gain legitimacy!!!!! Generations from now people will hang "Beiber Fever" decorations at Christmas that have become collectable along with T-Shirts and ticket stubs. There will be endless years of Tributes and maybe even.. gasp.. Beiber impersonators... oh, the horror.... Due to this I ask everyone to keep Beiber safe and stop wishing him dead. I do not want to live in a future where where my daughter wants to get married by a Beiber look a like.

                                                         *****stuff muffin*****

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