Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Bits Of Stuff: College Move In Day...

Those of you who live in College Towns might not be able to read this next post...It could bring up PTSD in those who have survived. I live in one such town way up isolated in the mountains. I had prepared all week for move in day... I took off work, went to the grocery store and stocked up on coffee. I needed to ride this wave out without leaving the house.
           Today began much as any day does with my 7 year old waking me up with a heart attack as she tried to steal the Maine Coon cat from my bed. After shooting down a bunch of espresso I was ready to do nothing.... until the power company called and said I had missed a payment and to get it credited as quickly as possible could I go down to the grocery store to pay it. Buzzed on caffiene I told short stuff to get her shoes and out the door we went.
            Upon entering town I crazily said to short stuff "Let's go to Walmart and return that shower head that gives the pitiful water flow!"
             Then we entered HELL. The store was swarming with 1000 college kids trying to look cool somehow in Walmart while wishing their parents weren't too cheap for the Tarjay down the street. They were flanked by one or both frazzled parents who would have gladly fought me over the last shower crutain if I had dared to touch it. I could see credit cards smoking in parents pockets as they grabbed pallets of soda, chips and every kitchen item ever known to man.
             Holding tight to Short stuff I plowed through the crowd muttering to myself "Stupid Stupid Me." Then short stuff looks up at me and says the best thing ever "Don't worry Mommy I won't have to move away to college since we already live where it is!"
               After paying we make our way out to the parking lot to play frogger with cars that are so loaded down they can't see out their back window, of course I can't remember where I parked so I had to rely on my assistant to shout "Look the front of that car is Dirty, Old and Green it must be ours!"
               I peeled out of there nearly taking out the drably dressed rich Connecticut People and earning some birds from the flashy dressed and fake tanned Massachusetts people.
               If you are bringing your kid to school this week please be patient, us townies have to deal with your brats during the next nine months.  0> muffin

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