Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something is fishy here...

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  1. I spent 16 years waiting tables, most of which were spent working across the street from "the happiest place on earth" (rolling eyes). Anyway, TONS of tourists; STUPID, STUPID tourists. A few of my personal favorites were:
    1)"How is the GRILLED cod prepared?" (um, first we nuke it, then we throw it in the oven, then we deep fry it, and finally, we briefly throw it on the grill so we can call it GRILLED cod!)
    2) "What's in the soup and salad combo?" (uh, it's really a steak and shrimp in disguise!)
    3) "Do you have white milk?" (um, I'm not sure what the color the milk is in your country, but yes, milk is generally white here; and here's a newsflash: you use WHITE milk to make chocolate milk. Mind boggling, I know.)